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We ask that all participants assess their own environment and risk tolerance, exercise common sense practices, and be sensitive to the needs of fellow participants and staff.


While we strongly encourage everyone to stay up to date on vaccinations and boosters for COVID, influenza, etc., we will not be requiring any form of proof.  

Masks will not be required for our events but as always, we encourage everyone to use their best judgement in deciding whether or not to wear them at any given time.


Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, or symptoms of any other illness should plan to refrain from attendance and get tested if appropriate.  We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from an event if there is a concern for the health of other participants and staff.

These protocols are based on current recommendations from the CDC, and could change as conditions and directives change.


At Wilder Grove, the safety of our guests is of utmost importance, and we work to establish personal safety for everyone in attendance at all of our events. To accomplish this goal, at the beginning of each event, our facilitators meet to define the safety guidelines for events with our specific guests in mind. Our facilitators are committed to working together to ensure individual and group safety, and to promote opportunities for growth.


Our team also ensures safety by having enough facilitators at each event so that individual attention is available whenever it is needed.


To protect and promote an environment of safety, we do not allow the use of alcohol or any other intoxicants during our events. And no weapons of any kind will be allowed on site for any reason.  Participants are also expected to conduct themselves in a safe and mature manner. We expect and require our guests to be mindful of the need for consent from others for situations including, but not limited to, sexual contact, platonic physical contact, and intrusion upon personal space.

In addition to the Wilder Grove being our home, the nature of the work that our guests do here is private and sometimes intensely personal. As a result, we do not advertise our address, because we want to ensure that all visitors to our facility are expected and have a reason to be present; we do not want a guest's spiritual work to be disrupted by unexpected arrivals. For this reason, please do not share our address with others; should someone choose to register for an event here, we will send an email containing that information as part of our confirmation process.


If, at any time, you feel that your safety is being compromised, please approach one of our facilitators immediately so that we can help address your concerns.


Guests who cancel their registration more than 7 days prior to an event will be eligible for a full refund.  We cannot offer refunds to anyone who cancels after this period, or to those who do not show up for an event.  However, we will do out best to accommodate anyone who must cancel or leave an event because of unforeseen health considerations.

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