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Support Us

The Wilder Grove relies on donations from supporters like you to help keep things running. 

There are various ways you can help support us.  Read more below to learn how. 

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Help Support Us

It is our intention that Wilder Grove be a place that serves the spiritual needs of a broad range of people: people from many different paths of belief, people with many different needs for spiritual growth, and people with different levels of economic freedom.  As a result, in order for us to be able to continuously add new experiences and opportunities to those who come to lose and find themselves upon the paths we offer, we need help from you, the members of the greater Wilder Grove community.

Your donations to our GoFun
dMe campaigns and in person at our events, and your support through other avenues (such as Patreon) will allow us to continue building on the amazing facilities that we already have, adding in additional meditative spaces and experiential resources that will be available to all guests of the Wilder Grove.  It will also allow us to continue offering services, classes, workshops, and other experiences to people on a sliding scale, so that those who have less economic freedom can still enjoy the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth that the Wilder Grove provides.

Our first campaign is to help fund a new Labyrinth! We've already found the perfect spot along one of our walking trails, and we've cleared and prepared it for the next step. Now we just need your help to make this magical new space a reality!


Every little bit helps! Your donations, large or small, will help us buy the materials we need to build this beautiful resource at the Wilder Grove. If you are not in a place to help financially, we would be so grateful to you for simply sharing this campaign to help spread the word.


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