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Liz* Jacobs

Mentor | Teacher | Shenanigator

Liz* enjoys life to the fullest; often seeking new experiences simply for the joy of it. She finds that looking at new perspectives helps her understand herself and the world around her, and she is always happy to help others see new perspectives as well. Her favorite thing to do is ask questions, much to the chagrin of many. Yet she does this to help those who seek her counsel find a deeper understanding of themselves, and the reasons behind what they do. Her child-like curiosity is infectious, and she wants to help you find that part of your soul that sings the way hers does.

Liz* is an eclectic witch, an animist, one of the co-founders of ShadowGrove, and a Shaman for the ShadowGrove Tradition. She has been working with people and helping them learn their personal truths for as long as she can remember. A native of Bolivia, she incorporates her family’s folk traditions with several other spiritual and magical paths she has discovered through years of study. As she traveled through her own spiritual awakening, she encountered several mentors who gave her the knowledge she needed at exactly the right moments in her life. These teachings, combined with her continuing personal exploration, led her to understand that her calling in life is to help others find their own personal truths, as her mentors did for her.

Liz* accepted this calling wholeheartedly when she co-founded ShadowGrove in 2004 with her husband, Cael, and has been working full time to serve the spiritual community ever since. She is a leader and ordained minister, serving both individuals and groups within the community. She regularly leads public and private rituals, facilitates rites of passage, and offers spiritual guidance, personal journeywork, relationship counseling, life coaching, and mentorship.

Liz* Jacobs
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