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Legal Weddings and Handfastings Our clergy are available to perform legal marriage and handfasting ceremonies in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Liz* and Cael, the founders and ministers of ShadowGrove, offer a unique form of marriage or handfasting, by co‐officiating, so that both masculine and feminine energies of spirituality are brought into the ceremony. Each ceremony is tailored to suit the couple and is delicately written to allow all guests, both Pagan and non‐pagan, to enjoy the ceremony. Non-legally binding Handfastings The ShadowGrove Clergy are happy to perform handfasting ceremonies that are not legally binding, in Virginia as well as in neighboring states, by arrangement. We are proud to work with all couples, regardless of orientation. In addition to handfastings and marriages, we offer a variety of hand‐crafted ritual and keepsake items to add to the uniqueness of the ceremony and to create lasting memories. ​ If you are interested in a wedding and/or handfasting services, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your needs.

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