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All you need... isn't love

Presented by Cael Jacobs

  • 10 US dollars


Many of us have grown up believing the idea that, for a relationship to work, all we need is love. The Beatles even wrote a song about it. And it just isn't so. But as a result of this idea, many of us have gotten into all sorts of unhealthy relationships: relationships with ourselves, relationships with friends and partners, relationships with work, or even with the Divine itself, which are based on the false premise that if only we love hard enough, we can make things work out. The years we have spent in enforced isolation since 2020 has caused many of us to cling to any connection we could find, and it's time to drag those attachments out onto the carpet so that we can look at them, and determine whether they still serve us. In this workshop, we will discuss what actually makes relationships (of all types) work and be healthy and positive in the long run. Participants will have the opportunity, if they choose, to talk about things in their own relationships (regardless of type) to uncover the fundamental underlying truths about their connections with those around them. The conversation will be deep, and participants will have to be willing to look inward with an unflinching eye, to evaluate whether the relationships they are in are healthy and workable, and (if not), why they are not and what can be done to resolve those issues.

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