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Cael Jacobs

Tales from the Wilder Forest is a collection of eleven short stories, all of which take place in one world, in and around the Wilder Forest. As you journey through the world, you will meet Dryads and Undines, The Queens of the Winds and Sky, the Kings of Earth and the Unending Waters. You will learn of how the moon came to bee in the sky, and where the spirits of tree go when they are struck down too soon. You will soar the skies with the Undine-that-Was, and you will meet the Cat Who Made The Stars. The Wilder Forest is a place that has only just begun to reveal the many stories it holds.

Illustrated by Spectrum gold-medal award winning fantasy artist Cory Godbey, Tales from the Wilder Forest is a truly unique combination of art and storytelling.

Tales From the Wilder Forest

  • ShadowGrove Press 2014

    Pages: 115  |  color illustrations
    Binding: Paperback / softback

    ISBN: 0692027386
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