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The Nature Spirit figure that Liz* will create for you is as unique to you as your own spiritual practice.  When you commission her to create one of these for you, Liz* will have a conversation with you to discuss your practice, your path, and your intention for the Nature Spirit figure.  Then, once she understands what your spirit needs, she will turn to nature to seek out individual found natural materials whose spirits resonate with your intention, and, with their permission, she will collect them and make them a part of the whole creation.

Through a combination of meditation, intuition, and careful consideration, Liz* will work in sacred space to craft a whole figure which includes and honors the individual spirits of the pieces she has collected, creating an individual Nature Spirit that is complex and which houses the spirits that have chosen to be a part of your intention and working.

Once the figure is complete, Liz* will cleanse it with sage and chimes, and then place it on her altar for a full day, spending that time imbuing it with her intention that it should be what it was created for: a powerful tool for use in your practice.  Then she will package it up with care and send it to its new home, with you.

If you would like the presence and power of one of these Nature Spirits to become a part of your own sacred space and working, please contact us at to schedule an individual conversation about your specific needs and intentions.


Nature Spirits

  • Because your Nature Spirit is made primarily of natural materials, some of which may be fragile, it is important that you handle it with care.  While your Nature Spirit can last many years when cared for properly, please be aware that due to the nature of these materials, some of them may deteriorate over time.  This is part of the natural progression of the Nature Spirit in its journey with you, reminding us of the impermanence of all things. 

  • Because your Nature Spirit is created specifically for you, all sales are final.  In the unfortunate event that your Nature Spirit arrives damaged, please contact us so we can discuss options for a replacement.

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