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A Place to Lose Yourself
A Place to Find Yourself

The Wilder Grove is a place to lose yourself: to set aside the everyday, to escape the emotional stresses and mental burdens that we all carry inside as we go about our daily lives, and instead focus on learning, meditative practice, and healing.  The Wilder Grove is a place to find yourself: to engage in ritual, in journey work, in rites of passage that allow you to meet the person you are becoming.


The Wilder Grove is the realization of a lifelong dream to offer education, resources and opportunities for those who are on a path of spiritual exploration.  Through our years of service to the spiritual community, we have gained the knowledge and experience to humbly offer our wisdom to those who seek to better understand themselves and the path they are on.

We look forward to deepening our service, and to helping you find your personal truth.


For those who are on a spiritual path of exploration, ceremonies, rites of passage, personal journey-work, and the deeper understanding of the self are as important as spending time in nature itself.  Yet there are few such opportunities in conventional establishments, and that can leave folks feeling unfulfilled.  But conventional opportunities and unfulfilling experiences don't have to be the only option.

With that in mind, the teachers and guides from the Wilder Grove offer a variety of retreats, classes and workshops as well as rites of passage, rituals and journey-work intended to help you find your personal spiritual path, and begin working toward refining it.


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The Wilder Grove is located on 10 acres of beautiful private land surrounding the founders’ home in Hartwood, Virginia, and has walking trails, a sacred circle, an indoor swimming pool, and plenty of room to enjoy nature.  Because our events take place on private property, the exact address and directions will be sent to confirmed guests who have completed the registration process for events, classes and workshops.

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