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Wilder Grove Projects

The Wilder Grove hosts a number of events that support the spiritual community. 

Read about each one below!


Fertile Ground Gathering

Fertile Ground Gathering is an annual Beltane festival celebrating since 2008, and takes place at one of the historic cabin campgrounds at Prince William Forest Park, in Triangle, VA.


Our volunteer team puts together a rich, powerful, rejuvenating celebration that has become a much anticipated annual retreat for many in the region and beyond.


Each year we create an integral experience around a central theme, and all our workshops, rituals, activities, and even performances are designed to come together for an unforgettable journey.


We are excited to do it again every year, and we always look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at Beltane!


An opportunity to dig deeper.
An intensive retreat to prepare ourselves for the dark months, to learn new skills, and to add tools to our toolbox for the winter work ahead.

MysticFire is a dream created by the spiritual team that has been designing rituals for Fertile Ground Gathering since 2015.

Visit the MysticFire Website
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A Kinship of Spirit

We are a spiritual community who work and play together,

learn and grow together, laugh and cry together,

make magic and pray together,

build and create and imagine together;

A chosen family.


ShadowGrove is a community based upon a philosophical Mystery tradition that is compatible with and works to enhance the individually-unique spiritual journeys of our members. We offer classes for learning, journey work to seek understanding, ritual for connection, experience to encourage growth, challenge to foster achievement, and community for those who wish to find kin who are not of blood but of spirit.

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